Safe, Affordable, Streak-Free Window Cleaning

Always Use the Safest Practices

Our window cleaning crews are thoroughly trained and taught to be as careful as possible when working with ladders, following OSHA guidelines every step of the way. Your peace of mind is extremely important to us, so we make sure our staff knows exactly how to put you at ease while working on your property.

Affordable Prices Plus Deals and Discounts

With window and gutter cleaning starting at only $99, our prices are extremely affordable. Our flat rate $6 per pane price makes window cleaning an option for any household. On top of our everyday low prices, we also offer deals for bundling services, and discounts for Senior Citizens.

We Won't Leave until you're 100% Satisfied

During the window cleaning process, we make sure to pay attention to every detail so every expectation is met. Then, after we're done the staff does a thorough walk around the property, followed by a walkthrough with the customer to make sure you are 100% satisfied before we leave!



Window cleaning Saint Paul

Detailed, Streak-Free Interior and Exterior Window Cleaning. Includes screens, sills and tracks.

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Gutter cleaning Saint Paul

Hand Cleaned, Rinsed and Professionally Inspected for leaks, detachment and pitch issues. Guards serviced and installed as well. 

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Roof cleaning photo saint paul

Application of Special Eco-Freindly Solution to Kill Algae, Mold, and other detrimental elements. Soft rinse and repeated as necessary.

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House wash photo prior lake

Eco-Freindly Solution applied to building fascia, decks and awnings followed by low-pressure rinse to remove dirt and mold.

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Pressure washing photo

Heat and High Pressure to Remove the Toughest Stains from concrete, brick, stucco, asphalt and decks. 

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Keep Your Gutters Working Properly with Gutter Cleaning

Twin Cities Gutter Cleaning Pros

Safe, Affordable Solutions For Your Gutter Cleaning Needs

All of our staff are all thoroughly trained and always adhere to OSHA's standards. We carefully clean your gutters by hand, bagging up the all the debris and taking it us with when we're done. After we're done clearing the gutters completely, we rinse and flush the gutters and downspouts to ensure proper flow. During the rinsing process we also check for leaks and pitch issues, and let you know about any problems. 

Why is Gutter Cleaning So Important For Your Home?

In Minneapolis- St Paul the majority of homes have steep angled roofs, designed to keep snow from piling up. This causes rain to run down and fall along your homes foundation. So, your home's gutters are there to keep water from doing this, and downspouts are put in place to irrigate water away from your home. When your gutters are full, this doesn't happen, and serious damage can occur. Your gutters will start to sag from the extra weight, and can even become detached. Also certain spots will likely overflow, leading to leaks in your basement and foundation issues. That's why it's so important to maintain your gutters with routine gutter cleaning.

Why Shouldn't You Clean Your Own Gutters?

First and foremost, it's just plain dirty and dangerous. Anyway you approach it, you run the risk of injury and will most certainly make a mess. If you use specialty tools or other equipment to stay on the ground, you'll have a huge mess to clean up in your yard after. On the other hand, if you choose to use a ladder, you run the risk of falling and facing serious injury. That's why you should let our experienced, trained professionals handle your routine gutter cleaning at the extremely low price of only $99 for a one story and $149 for a two story home!

Clogged Gutters Lead to Leaking Basements...Book Now!

Clogged Gutters Lead to Leaking Basements...Book Now!

Restore Your Roof with Professional Roof Cleaning

Twin Cities Roof Cleaning Experts

Are You Looking for a top Roof Cleaning Specialist in the Twin Cities Metropolitan Area?

Metro Wide Maintenance provides roof cleaning, gutter cleaning and window washing services to all of the Saint Paul-Minneapolis Area. We are a fully-insured and highly skilled and experienced professionals, and take every roof cleaning project seriously, no matter how big or small.  

Here’s what you should know about roof cleaning in the Minneapolis – St. Paul Area…

Why Should I Hire a Roof Cleaning Professional in the Twin Cities? Why Can’t I Do It Myself?

Roof cleaning is considered an integral part of exterior home maintenance. Cleaning and maintaining your roof will certainly extend its lifespan. It's extremely important to clean your roof regularly and keep it free from algae, lichens, moss and debris. 

Our roof cleaning specialists does that for you. They have the necessary equipment and expertise to move around or navigate the roof carefully, without any sort of damage to your property. After all, roof cleaning is not a DIY project. Roofs can be slippery because of all the moss, algae and fungi. There’s the risk that you could slip and fall and sustain a serious injury. That’s why you should never attempt to do roof cleaning yourself – it’s dangerous! 

The Roof Cleaning Process – What to Expect?

We use a highly efficient method for roof cleaning which we’ve been able to perfect over the years. 

We use an eco-friendly product to kill mold, algae and lichen and to remove dirt. Then we use low pressure to rinse it after. This is important because it extends the life of the roof and saves the homeowner money on repair or replacement. 

Here’s how it works…

We first remove the moss and lichens gently, using a simple brush, nothing complicated. We don’t believe in pressure washing or hard brushing; evidence shows that it’s much better to use a gentle, low pressure approach. We then use an eco-friendly product to kill any small moss root system that remains after the light brush removal. All of our technicians are fully insured and use essential safety equipment when working on your roof. They make sure that there’s no damage of any sort to your property and there are no accidents of any kind.

Furthermore, we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee on our roof cleaning service.

How Much Does Roof Cleaning in Minneapolis – St. Paul Cost? 

We offer the most reasonably priced roof cleaning service in Saint Paul-Minneapolis. The cost of roof cleaning will depend on the size and type of the roof, but prices start at only $249 to completely renew your roof!

Don't Let Mold and Debris Destroy your Roof...Call Today!

Don't Let Mold and Debris Destroy your Roof...Call Today!

Keep Your Windows Sparkling with Routine Window Cleaning

Why Should You Hire a Window Cleaning Company? 

Cleaning windows yourself from time-to-time to remove a handprint here and there is fine, but the truth is that only professional cleaners who use advanced techniques and equipment will allow you to get all the windows of your home spotless for the best curb appeal and visibility. Windex, Vinegar and other solutions will not result in the same perfectly clean windows as a professional cleaning, and hosing down exterior windows will cause serious hard-water damage that’s very hard to remove. That’s why it’s always best to hire a professional. 

Why Should You Choose Our Window Cleaning Company?

Safe and Professional

You can also count on the knowledge and experience of all our technicians. We know the best products and the latest techniques to ensure that your windows are cleaned perfectly, and no damage is done to your home. Our ladder pads and carpet pads ensure that no scuffs or stains occur during the process, and our staff always take off their shoes and use the utmost care while cleaning windows at your home.

Total Cleaning Packages

One of the details that many companies overlook or charge extra for is screen and sill cleaning. Dirt and allergens buildup on screens and sills, so it’s important to clean them regularly and keep fresh air flowing through your open windows. That’s why we provide complimentary screen and sill cleaning with our interior window cleaning deals, and offer deep track vacuuming and white glove screen cleaning as well for a small surcharge. 

Save Time and Money

When you choose us to for you window cleaning project, you can be sure that it will save you both time and money. You can rest at ease knowing you will be dealing with a professional company, licensed, bonded, and insured, and ready to provide you with a service that fits your schedule. Our flat rate pricing is extremely affordable and upfront, making the whole process hassle-free and inexpensive 

New Home/Construction Clean-up Window Cleaning Specialists

Our window cleaners are all thoroughly trained and experienced with construction clean-ups associated with new homes and remodels. We use special razors designed to scrape adhesives and other construction debris off of windows. This is especially important because scratches are likely to occur if other tools are used, even other razors. That’s why it’s best to hire us to clean your windows, and relax knowing we guarantee they will be scratch and Streak-free! 

So, what are you waiting for? With the summer just around the corner, give us a call to schedule your window cleaning and let a little more sunlight shine in your home! 

Hosing down or not washing your windows at all results in severe damage...Call Now!

Hosing down or not washing your windows at all results in severe damage...Call Now!

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