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Residential Snow Removal Service 


Snow clearing or snow removal is the job of removing snow after a snowfall. It is important to remove this snow to make travel easier and safer. If snow removal is not done properly, it leaves you open to a possible lawsuit if someone falls and becomes injured and getting fined by the city for any public sidewalks not cleared in front of your property. That’s why it’s important to make sure to hire a good reliable, professional snow removal company to take care of it for you.

Snow Removal vs. Snow Plowing

Although sometimes the terms snow plowing and snow removal are used interchangeably,  there is a slight difference between the two. Snow removal refers to removing the snow from the sidewalks, paths, stairs and driveways with shovels and snowblowers. While on the other hand, snow plowing means that you are pushing the snow into a pile in parking lots usually and leaving it on the property.

Roof Raking

The process of removing snow from roofs to prevent ice dams is called roof raking. Along with the snow removal services, we also provide roof raking services. Our roof raking services are a very affordable option to keep from needing to hire costly ice dam removal services. With roof raking, we simply use telescopic poles with specially designed shovel to dislodge large sheets of snow and then bring them safely down off the roof.

Here is what we offer for Snow Removal Services for Saint Paul, MN, and South Minneapolis:

· Our Services Are Extremely Affordable 

Metro Snow Removal provides snow removal, salting, and roof raking services in Saint Paul, MN and South Minneapolis. Our services are safe and reliable, and our residential crews are all thoroughly trained and experienced with snow removal, roof raking, and ice dam removal. We use snow blowers and shovels to safely remove snow from your residential area. 

· 24/7 Snow Removal and Roof Raking Services

While nature throws out a blast of winter, Metro Wide MN throws back an even bigger blast with its awesome snow removal services. Our customers choose us and stick with us for snow removal because we are always available and extremely reliable. What makes us stand out is the company's ability to provide spot assistance and 24/7 support. We also offer snow shoveling for the driveways, sideways, and walkways. Additionally, we have ice control and roof raking services if needed.

· Fast and Efficient Services

Metro Wide MN offers fast and efficient Snow Removal Services to their valued clients. We consistently monitor the weather during the winter months. We receive storm alerts in advance, which enables us to always know before the time when our customers will need our snow removal and snow shoveling services. Additionally, for your convenience, we maintain our fleet of trucks and other snow management equipment on a minute's notice.

· Trained Staff

We always pay special attention to the training of our staff. Metro Wide MN ensures that its trained field workers are on-call and ready-to-roll the minute the storm arrives and you need us. Our team is well-trained, and can always takes care of the most difficult and challenging snow removal.

· Best Model Equipment

We have all the best model equipment to handle any snow removal job we face. This makes the snow removal process quicker as well as more efficient. 

Schedule Your Own Snow Removal Service Now!

Please keep in mind that some of our services might not be available to you due to only one reason. In the middle of a snowstorm, we will be very busy serving those clients who have contacted us earlier. That's why you should make sure to schedule your snow removal service as soon as possible to get the professional services of Metro Wide MN after a snow storm.

It is important to choose the best snow removal service to get rid of the snow after heavy snowfall in the winter. Come to Metro Wide MN for the best snow removal service in St. Paul, Minnesota. We clearly understand that the Minnesota way of life can be hard and tough during the winter; we’re always prepared for heavy hail, snow, and other unpredictable or irregular conditions.

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With Metro Wide MN’s snow removal services, you can relax and stay warm knowing professionals are handling your snow removal for you! 

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