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Make Your Deck Look New Again with Professional Power Washing

Pressure washing and power washing services are an important step towards protecting your property. This high pressure washing technique helps wash away the dirt and grime that builds up on exterior surfaces as a result of seasonal changes and the various weather elements that come along with it. 

The Importance of Power Washing Exterior Surfaces

Keep your home and business looking its best with professional pressure washing services. In addition to bringing back the visible beauty of surfaces, pressure washing also reduces the risk of damage to wood, masonry, and siding caused by mildew, mold, algae, and bird excrement. Also, the residue from winter salt can deteriorate finishes, taking months or even years off how long your home will be protected from the elements. 

Furthermore, exposure to some of these things can be hazardous to your health. Having a clean exterior can be just as important as a clean interior, so whether you’re in the market to sell your property and want to increase curb appeal, or you’re ready to take advantage of the benefits of pressure washing, the results will be impressive. 

The Difference Between Power Washing and Pressure Washing

The terms power washing and pressure washing are sometimes used interchangeably, and while the primary purpose of both is to remove stubborn buildup of organic matter with the application of highly pressurized water, the main difference is in the water temperature. 

Power washing uses high-temperature water that works best for blasting away hard to remove materials such as mold, mildew, grease, salt, and algae, while pressure washing consists of milder water temperatures ideal for softer surfaces. 

Residential Services

Owning a home is one of the largest investments you’ll make in a lifetime, so taking care of it is undoubtedly a top priority. The weather patterns and temperature changes routinely experienced in the Twin Cities area exposes houses, decks, and fences to all kinds of filth like mold and mildew that can contribute to damage and cause unsightly stain. 

Pressure washing will wash away the accumulation of salt and sediment that lands on surfaces during high winds and storms, causing paint and stain colors to fade. A professional cleaning will bring back the vibrant colors that you can take pride in. 

Pressure Washing Services

Make your patio, deck or fence look new again with professional pressure washing service. 

Pressure Washing Service Starting at $150 

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