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Soft Washing will Restore your Home's Appearance

Over time, with the constant exposure to weather elements, the exterior surfaces of homes and buildings become dirty, and cleaning away the grime isn’t always easy. Fortunately, there is a process known as soft washing, which is ideal for removing grunge from building fascia, including vinyl siding and stucco. 

What is Soft Washing?

Soft washing is done with the use of a pressure washer, a special cleaning mixture and low velocity tips that are safe for siding. In fact, the soft washing technique consists of such low pressure that you can place your hand in the water stream at no risk. Yet, it tackles mold, algae, and debris accumulation gently and effectively, all while keeping the architectural components of your home damage free. 

This low-pressure cleaning method provides results lasting up to three times longer than high-pressure washing. It also carefully removes stains and helps prevent the future growth of mold or any other organic matter that could really cause damage to your home.  

Many homeowners go wrong when trying the do-it-yourself approach. Using the wrong technique, incorrect amount of pressure, or the wrong cleaning detergents can result in crumbling stucco, holes in vinyl siding, or faded colors. Avoid the risks and leave it to experts like us.

About Our Services

We clean all types of surfaces from brick and stucco to vinyl and wood, and everything in between. 

Our skilled professionals are well trained and experienced in knowing the right combination of water pressure and cleansers. Also, prior to cleaning, the technicians will carefully inspect the surfaces to determine what should and shouldn’t be removed, as well as check for issues that must be resolved beforehand. 

At Metro Wide Maintenance, our soft washing services will give you spectacular results. The cleaning agents we use are eco-friendly and selected according to the particular surface. This is an important factor in the overall outcome because the various types of exteriors require different cleaning methods to ensure the best results. In fact, using the wrong approach or choosing harsh cleaning solutions could compromise the appearance and integrity of the surface material. 

In addition to soft washing, we pressure wash driveways, pavers, patios, fences, and decks.  These surfaces are notorious for getting stained with some of the toughest buildup like soot, oil, or dirt. With our power washing services, using the right application of high pressure and hot cleaning solution, in a few hours or less, we will make it look new!

Soft Washing starting at only $299

We proudly serve the entire Twin Cities Metropolitan area. Ready to have the exterior of your home or business looking pristine again? Call us at (612) 389-9553 and we will get you on the scheduleas soon as possible. 

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